Introducing God

What: Introducing God is a safe space where all opinions are valued and questions are encouraged. Each evening features a short talk exploring Christianity, followed by a chance to chat openly with other participants about God over a delicious dinner and dessert.

Who: This course is designed for non-Christians, non-believers, skeptics and people who are unsure or doubtful about God, Jesus and Christianity.

When: The course runs over four Tuesday nights, beginning Tuesday 4th February, 2020. We encourage you to try and attend all four weeks, but it's fine if you can only attend one or two.

Where: St Paul's Anglican, Carlingford (Cnr Moseley St & Vickery Ave, Carlingford).

Time: The night starts at 7:30pm and goes until 9:30pm.

Cost: $10 to cover dinner and dessert.

Key Contact: If you have any questions, feel free to contact -

Phillip Witheridge (ministry apprentice at St Paul's)

0430 145 585


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